Review Policy

I mostly read young adult fiction, but I will read the occasional adult or children's book as well. I am mostly interested in science fiction, action, contemporary, or mystery genres. I also do like to read some nonfiction books as well, but my blog is mainly for young adult. I read both physical books and ebooks and it takes me around three to four days to finish a book.

My reviews are 100% honest and I will give my opinions on the book as I saw them. I try to talk about all the different aspects in the book with my reviews. Most of my posts will be spoiler free, making exceptions for those books in a series. My reviews will also appear on Goodreads and my blog. Reviews will be posted a week or so after I finish a book, but will always be written immediately after I finish.

Rating System:
5 Paws: I loved this book!
4 Paws: This book was good, but didn't blow me away.
3 Paws: This book was okay and didn't really leave an impact.
2 Paws: The possibility of a good book was there, but it failed to execute.
1 Paw: There were some major issues with this book.

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